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Ina Black vs Eli - Squash Match

Beautiful Bulgarian Eli has had a lot of help and support from her mentor and compatriot, the legend that is Ina Black.

But how far had the pupil come and was she able to school her teacher? Everyone at MWC was keen to find out and so we pitted them against each other on our mats!

Regardless of how much she has learned, it was a daunting task for Eli and she knew she was going to have to be at her absolute best just to stand any chance.

However, Ina was in no mood to give her young opponent anything and wasted little time in taking her down to the mats and starting to punish her with body scissors which had Eli whimpering!

Eli was putting a lot of energy and effort into trying to turn things around but Ina was proving to be the immovable object and merely used her size advantage to inflict some serious punishment on her smaller rival.

Ina pins her, twists her up like a pretzel, smothers her and makes her feel pain as and when she wants to and there is nothing Eli can do about it!

Inevitably the submissions start to come, the first of which is gained when Eli can take no more from an arm bar and scissors combination.

Ina is in a truly unforgiving mood and wants to teach Eli a serious lesson as she throws her around on the mats and continues to take her apart with each passing minute.

Eli really suffers in figure four locks, schoolgirl pins and body scissors and she is soon begging for mercy from Ina who simply doesn't listen to her - sometimes even carrying on after a submission!

The end is brutal and sees Eli flat out completely cold at the hands of her mentor!

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