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Ivy Destroys Russ

We always attract brave boys to the MWC yard and all of them are convinced of their capabilities in beating the girls on the mats.

But it seldom works out well for them and we feared for Russ right from the start as his opponent - the incredible and sexy Ivy - announced she was going to make him her bitch for the day.

In the blink of an eye, she had thrown him to the mats and got him in an excruciating head lock that had him gasping for air and struggling against her strength and skill.

Ivy looked as if she wanted to teach him a serious lesson and made him experience what she is capable of with grapevines, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins and face-sitting him to the point of being out cold. She also made him kiss and sniff her feet as she exerted her dominance on him right from the very start.

Ivy continued to make him suffer badly throughout, his gasps and groans when she got to work on his body and his head with her deadly scissors told us exactly how much he was suffering at her hands.

At times, Ivy was very dismissive of the weak specimen who had dared to challenge her on the mats. Telling him so as well as demonstrating it with her incredible wrestling skills.

Often, it felt as if she was just practising her favourite moves on him to hone her skills - such as a vicious figure four headlock.

Ivy is in her element though and fully enjoying all the pain and torture she is inflicting on Russ - whose screams and moans get louder and louder as the match wears on.

This is classic female wrestling domination over a weaker man and Ivy sure enjoys it!

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