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Galya v Orsi B - Competitive

We were expecting a fast-paced, rip-roaring contest between these two exquisite Eastern Europeans and, boy, we certainly weren’t disappointed.

Galya and Orsi B are two beauties with ever-growing reputations and increasing fan bases and this match demonstrated exactly why that is!

Within seconds of the fight starting, they were dancing around on the mats sizing each other up and trying to take on another down.

When they finally did come crashing down to the mats, the pace never let up as they fought hard, battling across the room trying to get an edge over each other as soon as possible.

None of us here at MWC were prepared to put any money on the winner of this one as it was hard to even predict who’d get the first submission.

That did finally arrive and it was Orsi B who nabbed it with a nasty looking figure four head lock that Galya had no option but to tap out from.

This did nothing to stop the tempo though as both ladies just continued to give it their all and put each other through some serious punishment with their shrieks and grunts filling the venue air as they fought hard.

Galya got herself back on level terms after an intense long battle when she forced a painful arm bar submission from Orsi B.

That certainly wasn’t the end of the tap outs though as more came through a body scissor and head lock combination, figure four headlocks, smothers, arm locks and head scissors.

It won’t surprise you to hear that these were shared between them as the advantage went back and forth.

Ultimately, there was one winner who just about came out on top but the biggest victors are those who see this incredible contest between two sexy wrestlers at the peak of their powers!

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