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Axel dominates Dave - rematch

Some people just never learn! Having had his butt kicked by the “beginner” first time around, Dave is back at MWC to take on Axel again in a rematch in the ring.

“You were lucky last time!”, he foolishly tells her as the match kicks off. Axel isn’t concerned though and wears a smile as she sets off going to work him over.

She immediately pushes him into the corner post and plants her knee into his chest to force him to the ground as she starts to dominate our hapless tough guy from the start.

“Here we go again!” she confidently tells him as she drags him to the centre of the ring and plants her glorious butt on his chest and starts to take him apart.

Axel hits with breast smothers, pins, crushing leg scissors, arm bars, grapevines and is unrelenting while Dave is struggling to stay in the match in any capacity! She also creatively uses the ring to devastating effect on a number of occasions.

At one stage, she brutally twists both his arms behind his back and demands he admits she is in control before releasing him so that he can tap out!

She is clearly enjoying making him suffer even more so than she did in their first encounter which left Dave completely destroyed on the mats.

Again, the MWC studio is filled with his pathetic shrieking and cries of pain while Axel just happily racks up the submissions in her favour without really pushing herself to any great limits!

Such is her dominance over him, she decides to rename him “Sissy Man” and there is not a lot he can do about it!

Dave’s plan for revenge is left in tatters and instead he is left out cold in the middle of the ring while Axel celebrates over his prone body. We suspect he won’t be challenging Axel in a hurry again!

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