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Ina v Gabi - Competitive

Gorgeous Gabi is one tough, skilled and incredibly competitive fighter but she was always going to have to call on all of that when she stepped up to face the legendary Ina Black.

The excitement was fizzing through the air at MWC when they stepped on to the mats to face off and they were all business as the match got under way.

Straight away, it was clear that both these warriors were up for the fight. They danced around the mats trying to seek an advantage with Gabi using her speed and skill to keep Ina at bay.

And it was working until they both fell to the mats and Ina cleverly used her size and strength advantage to get on top and then work on Gabi’s arm. Despite a valiant effort, Gabi eventually had to tap for the first submission.

Gabi though didn't seem particularly stressed or worried about this and showed exactly what she was made of when she executed the perfect throw - taking Ina off her feet and landing flat on her back!

Trouble is, Ina is always well prepared for such incidents and she managed to perform a throw of her own and start working Gabi over herself!

Despite her incredible show of strength and courage, Gabi could do nothing when Ina utilised her full power and had to tap to body and then head scissors.

But just when Ina thought she had broken her compatriot’s spirit, Gabi got the submission her performance richly deserved with a vicious headlock that Ina desperately tapped out from!

This wasn’t her only success either and, while they were only temporary reprieves, they sure as hell gave Ina a lot to worry about!

In the end, the winner was not in doubt but we are convinced you won’t see many girls who could pose so many problems to Ina the way Gabi does here!

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