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Kimbra Dominates & Destroys little Jonathan

You got to admire Jonathan. It takes a lot of bottle to step up on the MWC mats against a wrestler as tough, accomplished and determined as Hungarian beauty Kimbra.

But here he was, all ready and willing to try to spring a surprise on his bigger and better opponent!

Sadly for him though, Kimbra was also ready and willing for the contest and wasted little time in grabbing him and tossing him down to the ground with disdain and dismissiveness.

In no time at all, Jonathan finds himself at the end of a schoolgirl pin which turns into a head crushing scissor that results in a swift first submission.

Kimbra is unforgiving and keeps up the attacking pressure on the hapless and helpless Jonathan, making him tap out again and again to a body scissor and choke combination.

The punishment continues at a relentless pace and Jonathan has nothing to offer to stem the flow of Kimbra’s attacks.

For her part, she smiles and grins throughout - clearly happy with her work and the pain she is inflicting on his struggling little frame.

And naturally, Jonathan submits to her many many more times through a range of her best moves including schoolgirl pins, head scissors, head locks, guillotines and vicious looking arm bars.

Jonathan wore a pained expression pretty much from start to finish and his groans of pain told the whole story as Kimbra dominated, tortured and taunted him for even daring to step on the same mats as her. She even tickles him to add to his torment!

Even as the match progresses. Kimbra looks fresh as she did at the start with only Jonathan’s battered body presenting any evidence that she had even been wrestling.

The end is as emphatic as the start and Kimbra celebrates a tremendous beat down with a well-deserved victory pose!

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