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London v Axel

We expected these two firecrackers to put on an incredible match and we were certainly not disappointed!

Newcomer Axel has already made quite a name for herself in a short space of time but she had a serious challenge on her hands when she faced the diminutive London on the MWC mats.

As soon as the pre-match handshake was out the way, they both went to work battling across the mats trying to get an advantage over the other.

And it was the less experienced Axel who struck first by trapping London in a vicious body scissor that brought about a very quick submission.

But London was never going to just take that lying down and fought back immediately by applying her own nasty body scissor that Axel had to tap out from and make the scores level.

They were fighting at a breathless pace and there was no real let up on this as the match progressed with both girls giving it their all.

London struck again when he trapped her rival in a headlock and body scissor combination but this time Axel refused to take this lying down and got her own back in similar impressive style.

The match was being battled out in a cracking spirit but it was blatantly obvious that neither of these two wanted to lose and were going all out for victory.

As a result, the action got more and more frenetic and exciting and submissions came and went along the way through more scissors, choke holds and camel clutches.

After a while though, one of these battling babes manages to get ahead with a few quick submissions - although her rival wasn’t quite beaten and still got her own submissions in along the way!

This is a fabulous, competitive match between two of the brightest young talents on the scene and a must for fans.

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