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Ashley Rider dominates Wimpy Nick - Rematch

Despite his name, Wimpy Nick is a proud man. And despite the serious hammering he took at the hands of the gorgeous Scottish fighter Ashley Rider, he is determined to get revenge.

So we join him while he is trying to train in the MWC ring in a bit to get fitter and stronger, ready for a rematch.

Only, sadly for him, the “Rebel” Rider herself is passing by and sees his pitiful attempts at getting fit and she can’t help but mock him. Joining him in the ring to show him how’s done, they start bickering and this leads to an inevitable impromptu match!

Ashley wants to see if he has learned much since their last meeting and the answer is an emphatic, big fat NO!

She spits out his name in a sneering way and he cannot argue as she takes him down and gets him in headlock before making him tap out when she “fish hooks” his mouth with her fingers!

And sure enough the submissions start to flow like water from a tap as Wimpy is reintroduced to the powerhouse’s strength and array of moves.

Time and time again, he gets caught between her strong legs or trapped in those vice like grips she can lock on with her arms and he has absolutely nothing to hit her back with.

Ashley is determined to make him suffer and his screams of pain keep getting louder and louder as she applies grapevines, arm bars and even a choke hold using the rope!

Things get a lot worse for him when she discovers some rope that had just so happened to be left in the corner of the ring!

Ashley uses it to tie around her neck and walk him like a dog, choke him and then immobilise him by tying him up by the ring post! Her continued torture of him as he is trapped is ruthless and a fine way to celebrate her emphatic victory!

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