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Ina Black vs Galya Squash match

Galya is a warrior and always up for any challenge put in front of her but it seems as if she has bitten off way more than she can chew when she faces off against the legendary Ina Black.

Ina herself isn’t impressed and literally laughs at the vastly smaller opponent that is on the opposite side of the MWC mats for this battle.

And sure enough, it isn’t long before the Bulgarian beauty is dominating her younger blonde compatriot - bringing her to her knees through a test of strength.

Galya has guts and isn’t the sort of girl to be intimidated but her attempts at attacking Ina only encourage more mockery of the mismatch in power. Ina also starts rag dolling her around to demonstrate the gulf in strength that exists between them.

An impromptu arm wrestling battle is called and Galya struggles to enjoy any success through this too!

Back to the mat-based wrestling and Ina starts to go through her full arsenal of weaponry, much to the pain and discomfort of gorgeous Galya.

And sure enough, the submissions start to flow. Head locks, body scissors, figure four locks and grapevine pins have the mat being tapped in desperation and agony!

What is equally painful and humiliating for Galya is the trash talk the Ina hits her with throughout the whole contest, the bigger and more experienced woman determined to teach the young upstart a lesson.

There is also smatterings of tickling torture to add further insults to the injury that has already been inflicted!

It’s hard not to admire Galya’s guys and efforts to take on Ina but she was well and truly taught a lesson here. By the end she is out cold and Ina celebrates with a very happy victory pose!

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