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Orsi B Dominates & Destroys little Dave - rematch

It never fails to amaze us here at MWC at how stupidly brave some of the men who come through the MWC doors looking to do battle with the strong amazons here.

Take “Chicken Boy” Dave, for example. Not content with already having been schooled by Orsi B in a previous match, he’s back and convinced he can avenge the “lucky” victory she got over him last time.

Orsi B is almost incredulous as she questions his wisdom but this talented beauty is always up for kicking some man’s butt all over the ring so that is what she sets out to do.

And almost as soon as they start, Dave finds out exactly how much damage she is capable of doing to his head as she starts crushing it first in a lock and then in a standing scissor between those powerful pins of hers.

She lets him go while taunting and mocking him and you just know that she has bigger and far more evil plans on making him suffer for daring to challenge her again.

Orsi B is relentless and really wants to cause him as much pain as possible as she traps him in a school girl pin, executes more crushing head scissors on him, breast smothers, grapevine pins and even choking him using the top rope!

Of course, submissions come along the way as Dave struggles to mount any kind of meaningful attack, while his defence is just merely a case of trying to stop the inevitable from happening.

She gives a running commentary throughout which makes it seem far more unnerving for him as she inflicts a lot of damage.

Orsi B’s emphatic victory is a formality and she put the icing on the cake when she leaves him out cold in the middle of the ring!

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