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Eli v Kimbra - Competitive

With these two exquisite and exciting Eastern Europeans visiting MWC at the same time, putting them against one another was inevitable and irresistible!

Bulgarian beauty Eli and Hungarian hottie Kimbra are as gifted as they are gorgeous and they certainly didn’t let us down in this battle on the mats.

Kimbra was bringing a bit more experience and size advantage to the fight but Eli was clearly not fazed by that and was clearly ready for battle as soon as they locked up and jostled hard for position.

But after neatly taking the blonde down to the mats, Eli fell victim to Kimbra’s flexible skills and had to tap when caught in a head scissor and arm bar combination!

The brunette was not perturbed however and was straight back on the attack, making Kimbra grimace and groan while caught in leg and head scissors.

These two were giving their all and with their speed and considerable skills, this match got more and more exciting by the second!

Not only that, the tempers started to soar as the temperatures inside the studio did! After one girl had earned a submission thorough a guillotine and body scissor combination, the other pounced on her rival before she was ready to restart and made her tap out with a choke!

Suddenly it was all out battle stations with the moves getting more punishing and the stubbornness increasing as neither wanted to tap out! When the submissions did happen, they were reluctant and full of frustration.

The studio air was filled with tension, as well as their moans and groans of pain as these two warriors gave their all.

With Eastern European pride at stake, who was celebrating ahead of her devastated rival at the end? Download to find out!

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