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Ivy & Combat Swallow demolish 2 wimpy guys

Brave boys Rocko and Jonathan thought things were tough when they found themselves in the ring against incredible Ivy.

But things got twice as worse for them when she was joined by sexy Combat Swallow who also wanted a piece of the punishment action!

By the time the young Bulgarian had arrived, Ivy had things under control and was dishing out a heap of pain to both her victims.

Combat Swallow, however, wore a determined look on her face as she entered the ring and got ready to join in the fun. And while Ivy dismantled Jonathan with a camel clutch and then a face sit, Combat Swallow got to work on Rocko immediately trapping him in a head scissor.

It wasn’t long before both the guys were propped up against opposite turnbuckles and being ‘treated’ to a stink face from both the ladies.

The MWC air was filled with Jonathan and Rocko’s screams throughout the match as Ivy and Combat Swallow showed no remorse. They certainly didn’t want to ease up either!

These sustained suffocation techniques soon saw the guys pass out and slumped in the corners.

Ivy wasn’t satisfied though as she looked over their pathetic carcasses. So once again, she took control of both the men, trapping one in a head scissor and the other in a guillotine.

The girls teamed up once again to continue a most one-sided tag team clash. The truth is either lady would have destroyed them on her own but they clearly wanted to bring about double trouble to the guys.

Jonathan and Rocko’s ordeal finally ends with emphatic face sits by both girls who once again send them to never never land with their cute butts. The joy is etched on their faces as they deliver their well-earned victory poses!

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