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Eli v Kimbra - Tickle Wrestling

Delectable Eastern Europeans Eli and Kimbra are known and much loved for their super skills and strength on the wrestling mats.

And when we paired them up to face each other on the mats, they looked every inch their sexy wrestlers they are in their one pieces and tights.

But we love our twists here at Monica’s Wrestling Centre and decided to take them out of their absolute comfort zone - and pit them against one another in a tickling contest!

Although, if it was truly out of their comfort zone, they barely showed it as they immediately got straight into it in an energetic grapple at the start.

As they battled though, you know that they were looking for the right opening which Kimbra found delightfully as she soon had Eli in fits of giggles and chuckling away at the top of her voice as she was mercilessly tickled.

As you’d expect with two talents of their quality, the wrestling performance was top notch but we knew they were merely setting each other up for some torturous tickling whenever they found themselves in a compromising position.

They rolled around on the mats, fighting at a frenetic pace before suddenly one of them would explode into a fit of giggles once her rival’s nails have got to work on a sensitive part of their body!

It’s hard not to admire the skills on show though. There were scissors, locks and pins throughout the whole time but their hard bodies can handle such punishment.

The tickling on the other hand was proving to be a lot more difficult to take! Eli and Kimbra were suffering and, due to the volume of the laughter, it wasn’t in silence!

By the end, one of them emerged as a clear winner while the loser - for a change - was the one who was laughing the most!

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