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Ina v Axel - Squash Match

Ever since she burst on the scene, MWC’s newest star Axel has been making quite a name for herself and proving to be a hit with the guys in the scene.

But despite all that promise and her admirable courage, she faced one hell of an uphill task when she squared up to the imposing legend that is Ina Black.

Ina herself was well aware of this and dismissively laughed in Axel’s face at the thought of her even trying to out wrestle the big, brilliant and vastly experienced Bulgarian battler!

Axel is convinced she has the muscle to cause her bigger opponent trouble but Ina is having none of it and immediately gets to work on the young upstart, introducing her to the world of pain she has unleashed on many a man and woman over the years.

Ina starts to punish her immediately and all Axel can do is cry out in pain and wriggle around in desperation trying to escape.

Ina doesn’t want to be kind and gentle though and starts schooling her young rival on her full repertoire, including smothers, crushes, arm bars and chokes.

Axel continues to talk smack but this merely prompts laughter from Ina who is mainly toying around with the young kitten and waiting to make her suffer as and when she pleases.

The painful moves flow like water, whether they be grapevine pins, body scissors, more arm bars and head scissors. To Ina, Axel is nothing more than a rag doll that she throws around the place as and when she pleases.

Naturally the submissions fly thick and fast in Ina’s flavour while Axel - who deserves credit for turning up in the first place and then fighting as hard as she could - is completely destroyed.

By the end, she is even made to perform for Ina in the ultimate humiliation!

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