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Ashley Rider dominates Wimpy Nick

Sexy Scottish powerhouse Ashley “Rebel” Rider isn’t at all impressed with the challenge she is presented with by Wimpy Nick when they meet on the MWC mats.

Describing him as a pain in the neck, she has a little play with him - slapping him in the face and shoving him before getting down to business.

Wimpy tries to attack but Ashley mocks him and soon takes him down and makes him feel the immense force she possesses!

“God, your legs are like tree trunks!” Wimpy is soon screaming out as the Glaswegian ruthlessly attacks using her leg scissors, powerful headlocks, breast smothering and face sitting skills effectively - the last of which bringing her first of many submissions out of him!

She trash talks him mercilessly as she throws him around the mats as if he is nothing but a discarded dog’s toy!

Wimpy clearly wants to do his best and show Ashley just what he’s got but she’s not having any of it and cranks up the punishment as the match wears.

And she does this with a host of moves such as more face sits and breast smothers. But even we winced whenever she trapped him between those legs! It looked as if his head would be completely crushed at one point!

Ashley just enjoys herself as she racks up submission out of submission out of an ever deteriorating Wimpy! She barely breaks sweat as she delivers her devastating moves that destroy him.

When she does allow him to “attack”, he makes no impact and Ashley is left suitably unimpressed at his efforts!

Judging by Wimpy’s pained screams throughout, this is the perfect illustration of wrestling domination and boy does she celebrate by the end of his ordeal while he is left writhing in pain.

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