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Lidiya v Monica - Competitive Custom

MWC boss Monica is waiting patiently for her opponent, the legendary Ina Black, and is extremely confident of getting a win over her rival.

But as she paces up and down and limbers up ready to do battle, she is shocked when Ina’s younger sister Lidiya suddenly shows up.

Sadly, Ina has been held up elsewhere and cannot make it but blonde Lidiya has come along to take her sister’s place and fight for the family’s honour!

Monica now feels even more confident as she feels taking on Ina’s smaller sibling increases her chances of victory. But Lidiya isn’t a pushover and is more than up for the battle!

However, it is Monica who attacks first and uses her tremendous skill and strength to give Lidiya a taste of what she intended to give Ina and a vicious headscissor and arm bar combination earns Monica the first submission.

But Lidiya is not deterred by this early set back and she comes roaring straight back and takes the fight directly to a shocked Monica. After manhandling her, Lidiya evens up the scores by squeezing the life out of her more experienced rival between her powerful legs.

With the scores level, this sets up the rest of the match nicely and results in some exciting and extremely tough wrestling all over the MWC mats!

They roll around trying to gain the advantage using all their power and skills to the fullest, both warriors determined to win.

We see plenty of body scissors, head locks, arm bars, guillotines and head scissors as they go at it hammer and tongs, exchanging submissions along the way.

But by the end, there is a winner. Did Monica prove her confidence wasn’t misplaced or did Lidiya brilliantly represent her family name? Download this amazing match to find out!

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