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Mixed Wrestling Party Report

We are fast heading into the festive party season but there is only one bash that counts and that’s MWC’s Mixed Wrestling Party!

Monica’s special place ended the year in the same vein as it started - full of fun, frolics and fighting fun!

An incredible roster of 17 talented, badass wrestlers packed the seasonally-decorated venue for what has now become an essential date in the UK session wrestling calendar and had one hell of an incredible time.

The girls on the bill included the Brit babes of Jade, Laken, Axel, London, Pussy Willow, debutant Black Soul, the Max Girl gang of Siren, Lexi, Kat, Viper and McKenzie, the exquisite Euro contingent of Tyger, Gabi, Galya and Eli and - of course - the legendary Ina Black and boss woman Monica herself!

And Christmas truly had come early for all the punters who were fortunate enough to have been able to make it to London for the last party night of 2018.

For those who missed out, we captured the very essence of the night in this series of clips so you can catch up and see for yourself exactly why these events are unique and unmissable for so many people!

In Part One, the ever-dependable Referee took his place as custodian of the ring and introduced the beauties one by one before leading them into the customary energetic warm up. As an added bonus, they all hit the right notes when they engaged in a bit of Christmas song singing to add to the fleeced festive mood that was already swirling around the place!

In the other clips, we see the girls unleashed on the guys who were eagerly awaiting a piece of the action - and their immediate joy came via delightful schoolgirl pins executed by each and every girl on each and every man!

No MWC Party would be the same without Jonathan’s Challenge, of course, and he was back with a fresh game in which volunteer wrestlers had to make our hero submit using a move shouted to them on impulse from the crowd! Interesting and hugely entertaining.

And the incredible scissor circle challenge has also become a staple part of the proceedings with guys forming a circle and then finding out the power of a female thigh when they are being crushed into submission!

Some of the lucky guys also found themselves becoming impromptu seats when the rather unique version of musical chairs saw the girls battling it out to become queen of the (male) throne!

While the games are all a whole lot of fun and certainly memorable, we must also remember these girls are trained and extremely skilled athletes and we see plenty of action throughout the clips whereby the guys find out just how good there are in one on one wrestling contests in the ring and on the mats!

The atmosphere was electric throughout and there really is no other fun place to be when the MWC family is in a party mood. Especially a Christmas party mood!

It was a fabulous way for Monica’s Wrestling Centre to end its year of parties and left everyone who was present just desperate for more - naturally these will follow in 2019 and promise to be even bigger and better than this year’s perfect feasts

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