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Vanessa Dominates Wimpy Nick on the Mats

European beauty Vanessa is new to the MWC mats but clearly not new to the art of wrestling, as poor Wimpy Nick found out to his cost!

If he had any ambitions and designs on victory, they were smashed out of him within seconds as Vanessa took him down to the mats and had him shouting out in pain!

Wimpy soon found himself on the receiving end of Vanessa’s hugely impressive skills. A school girl pin and then a crushing head scissor being a prime example within the opening two minutes!

As the first of many submissions arrived, Wimpy was already holding his neck in agony while Vanessa just gave him a cold-eyed stare and continued his ordeal!

She is like an apex predator, stalking her prey and attacking with not a hint of remorse or mercy in her eyes and only the desire to devour her victim!

Wimpy is made to suffer relentlessly as she gets him in body scissors, head scissors, more grapevine pins and choke holds.

Many people might see being breast smothered by Vanessa’s ample charms as a pleasure but Wimpy is suffering and desperate to escape! Vanessa seems upset that its not one of his favourite moves of hers!

She continues to systematically take him apart, using all parts of her body to inflict further damage on his weakening body.

Vanessa wants him to fight back and is frustrated as he becomes more tired and less inclined to even think about retaliating!

Nevertheless, she takes him apart like a true professional, working him over in a countless number of different ways!

It’s quite fitting that the end comes when she smothers him out with her breasts and then victory poses with her foot over his neck. Wimpy Nick learned the hard way that Vanessa really isn’t the sort of girl to be messed with!

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