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Sheena v Uzi

As soon as we knew Sheena and Uzi were going to be in London at the same time, we just had to get them together on the MWC mats.

Two strong and beautiful wrestlers battling it out to find out which one is superior? Yes, please and you’ll see why were delighted with that decision in this clip!

It was always going to be an intriguing fight and tough for both ladies. They battle hard as they feel each other out in the early stages although Sheena does get to demonstrate her strength by lifting Uzi up during the course of the fight.

And it is Sheena who draws the first submission with an arm bar that looked excruciatingly painful, leaving Uzi with no option but to tap out.

But if the Eastern European thought this was going to mean she was in for an easy ride, she was mistaken as German Uzi showed off her own strength and heart by fighting back and not letting Sheena get an easy ride.

They wrestled all over the mats, trying to gain an advantage and show each other just exactly how good they really are.

The submissions kept coming with headlocks, body scissors, chokes and even schoolgirl pins but one girl started to dominate and take control of the action the longer the match went on, despite the brilliant and spirited efforts of the defeated battler.

It was clear they were engrossed in the contest as, when they end of the match was called, they were locked up trying to earn a submission out of one another.

But did Uzi manage to come back and shoot down Sheena or did Sheena wrestle the shine off Uzi? Download this cracking clip to find out.

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