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Sheena Lift & Carry

Since bursting on the scene in a blaze of glorious fighting, Sheena has impressed and won fans for a number of reasons.

And one of these reasons is the incredible strength and power that this well built, jaw-dropping beauty actually possesses.

To highlight exactly how strong she is, Dave is a willing volunteer who meets her in the ring to be lifted and carried around the whole MWC arena.

Sheena looks glorious in her zebra-print one piece and its an even more impressive sight when she effortlessly lifts Dave on to her shoulders and starts parading around the ring with him.

You wouldn’t think she was carrying anything at all as she walks around casually before mixing things up by starting to exercise and spinning around with his full weight still on her shoulders.

There is no change either when he changes position so that he is sitting on her shoulder and given a piggy back to all four corners of the ring!

Her demonstration continues in a variety of ways with all of them impressing and demonstrating her immense ability.

She carries him like a baby, she executes a fireman’s lift, she presses him using her hands and legs and even dances to the music that is playing with him still on her back!

In the middle of the session, she treats us to a rather fabulous warm up routine before getting back to the job in hand and carrying Dave around as if he weighed no more than a feather.

If there were any lingering doubts about Sheena’s strength, this will certainly put paid to them. An awe-inspiring display of power from one of the brightest lights in the scene.

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