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Vanessa dominates Wimpy Nick

After the complete battering he took at Vanessa’s hands last time, you’d have thought he’d have spent the next few years in hiding from her!

But no. Not Wimpy Nick! His pride provoked him into wanting a rematch and here is again, facing off against the strong blonde beauty in the MWC ring!

His first for revenge was slapped out of him - quite literally within seconds - however as this gorgeous blonde happily took control.

She takes him down, makes him suffer grapevines, arm bars and pins while also delivering some rasping slaps across his pitiful face!

His screams and moans fill the arena air as Vanessa shows him no mercy, earning an easy and early submission with a breast smother.

As he cowers and tries to cover up, Vanessa seems less than impressed and instead continues to carry out a relentless beat down on him.

“You’re a psychopath!” he screams at one point as she is straddled over his belly with a demon look in her eyes as she plans the next assault to bring about his demise!

Vanessa catches him in more grapevines, schoolgirl pins (during one of which she does her hair!), head scissors, cross body pins and even some trampling! Not to mention, her stinging slaps!

Wimpy is reduced to a quivering wreck as he moans and groans and wails in pain at the torture Vanessa is subjecting him to.

The tap outs get more and more desperate as Vanessa finds more and more pleasure in making him suffer. In fact, she seems disappointed that he is unable to fight back!

On those ultra rare occasions he does attack, she can barely contain her laughter as she swots him away like a fly!

This is as complete a domination as you’ll ever see and Vanessa certainly celebrates leaving Wimpy destroyed and in the middle of the ring.

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