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Monica demolishes Deviant Dave

God loves a trier and no-one can ever accuse Deviant Dave of being someone who gives up on challenges easily!

Here is again, returning to the MWC mats to take on the main woman herself, Monica, having not learned his lesson from the previous time when she took him apart.

She is of course delighted to welcome him back. Dave though is not only confident that things will be different this time but he promises to deliver a one-sided beatdown!

Within seconds though, Monica is making him eat those words! In fact, she also reminds him of other words he’s been uttering on social media - all while he is stuck in her guillotine.

She soon has him tapping out with a head scissor and arm bar combination!

Monica continues to taunt him, wind him up and practically implore him to give her a challenge but instead she continues to dominate him. Using head locks and figure fours to crank up the pressure on his increasingly red head!

Despite the pummelling he is receiving, Dave is convinced that he will be the one celebrating by the end. But he struggles to back those words up as Monica gets more and more creative in her methods to earn desperate submissions from her male victim.

The Deviant one has to endure more vicious guillotines, breast smothers, face sits, camel clutches, arm bars, head scissors and schoolgirl pins.

To his credit, Dave constantly tries to fight back and use the strength he does possess - at one point even applying a Boston crab on Monica. But she resists and he soon finds himself in trouble once again!

All his pre-match boasting was made to look ridiculous by a rampant Monica who clearly enjoyed putting Deviant Dave in his place!

The end is as devastating as you’d expect with Monica sending Dave to sleep and leaving him flat on his back! We think he might think twice before challenging her again!

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