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Lisa King v The Burglar rematch

Many a man has squared off against Lisa King and ended up getting duffed up by the beautiful and brilliant wrestler.

The Burglar is one such man who was on the receiving end of a King-sized beatdown but he is determined to get his revenge and even promises Lisa that he will deliver.

She isn’t fazed by his words, of course. Talk is cheap and when you’re as good as Lisa is, her actions will ram them back down your throat.

Lisa starts by giving him the chance to “duff her up” but The Burglar is unable to do anything of note, prompting much mocking and taunting from her.

But when she starts to get going, it can only spell danger and a couple of low blows between The Burglar’s legs leave him doubled up in pain!

With her pro-wrestling background, Lisa is very much at home in the ring and The Burglar is soon being reminded of this as she works him over.

She gets him in leg locks, head scissors, pins and breast smothers and his moans and groans of pain fill the air.

Lisa keeps on reminding him about his pre-match vow and also gives him good opportunities to get moves locked on to her.

But he is totally inept and ineffective and Lisa is able to easily escape and turn the tables every time.

And when she does focus on attacking him, she is cold and ruthless - focusing on his aching limbs and really making him suffer.

Her absolute domination is complete when she sends him to never never land and celebrates over his prone body. We doubt The Burglar will be quick to seek revenge on Lisa this time!

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