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Raven Dominates

We are always excited to welcome travelling wrestlers here at MWC and it’s a real delight to have the magnificent Manchester minx Raven here to strut her stuff.

Looking as strong and gorgeous as ever, the brunette has one thing on her mind and that is to punish a weak southern man - so step forward Jonathan who bravely takes her on!

He is convinced he is going to show Raven just what he’s got but it doesn’t take long for her to discover that whatever that is, isn’t anything for her to worry about.

She takes control of him instantly and is soon taunting him and putting him in all sorts of bother. The first submission comes in less than a minute!

If he wasn’t aware of the extent of the challenge facing him beforehand, he certainly was now as Raven continued her step by step dismantling of him - complete with full teasing commentary!

A choke and body scissor combination brings another submission in her favour.

The punishment continues as does the trash talking. “I hope you are stretchy!”, she warns him before putting him in a Boston crab and discovering he really isn’t that stretchy after all!

Jonathan has literally nothing to offer in terms of defence or offence and instead we see Raven demonstrate all the skills that have made her such a popular wrestler on the UK circuit!

This includes arm locks, face sits, scissors, arm bars, grapevines and a host of combinations designed to inflict maximum damage.

Every time he submits, Raven seems disappointed as she was clearly enjoying his increasing shrieks of pain.

By the end of the match, Jonathan is a well beaten and broken man. In fact, he was well beaten and broken after a couple of minutes but he’s even worse by the end!

And, after sending him to sleep, Raven sure enjoys celebrating her victory over his prone body!

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