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Sheena v Paksi

We were licking our lips in excited anticipation as soon as we thought about pairing these two stunning talents off against each other on the MWC mats!

Beautiful, blonde, badass European wrestlers Sheena and Paksi are incredibly strong and skilled so we knew this would be a match for the ages.

And sure enough, we were not disappointed! The fight starts off in a frenetic pace as both ladies size each other up and work for an opening to give themselves an all-important advantage.

You can cut the atmosphere with a knife as Sheena and Paksi battle hard before the action finally ends up on the mats. They lock up, try to take each other down or execute moves but each finds the other reading her opponent’s intentions.

The fight continues and it is a well-earned and hard fought figure four headlock that eventually earns one of these warriors with the breakthrough submission! Phew!

This doesn’t result in any slowing up of the action, however, as these proud fighters still had way too much in their tanks.

Both Sheena and Paksi possess great technical ability and super strength but they fight at a frighteningly fast pace that makes this edge-of-the-seat exciting!

More submissions come along with arm bars and scissors, combination holds and headlocks.

It’s intense, it’s thrilling and both ladies are drenched in sweat as a result of the mammoth effort they put in during the pulsating contest.

In fact, such is the intensity that even when they are clearly told it’s the end of the match they are ready to continue!

There is a decisive winner at the end of this one but there is certainly mutual respect and both Sheena and Paksi deserve immense credit for a wonderful contest!

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