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Sheena dominates Wimpy Nick rematch

When these two last met on the MWC mats, Wimpy Nick was brutally dismantled by the beautiful Eastern European wrecking machine that is Sheena.

So we were a little surprised but delighted to see him return, ready to face the blonde warrior in a rematch - this time in the ring!

Sheena seems delighted to see him - which isn’t a good sign for Wimpy - and she is certainly up for the ‘challenge’.

If Wimpy was seriously expecting to turn the tables this time around, he was painfully mistaken as it took a mere few seconds for Sheena to wrestle him down to the ground and begin her lesson in how to administer pain.

An arm bar and head scissors combination has him screaming pitifully and brings about the first submission of the match in quick time.

She continues her destruction with some impressive displays of skill and strength - not least when she hoists him up before dropping him to the mats in a pile driver!

Wimpy must have been wondering what on earth possessed him to agree to this match, let alone turn up and actually try to fight her!

Within a couple of minutes he looked and sounded destroyed and his ordeal continued to get worse and worse as Sheena went through her repertoire with ease and delight.

Wimpy screamed and tapped out constantly as she unleashed her wrestling weaponry including scissors, locks, pins and smothers. She is inventive and exciting when she wrestles and this is an absolute treat and an honour to watch.

For Wimpy though, it is all rather too excruciatingly painful being thrown around like a rag doll and destroyed in such an expert, remorseless way!

His most impressive part was the fact he actually made it to the end somehow. Well, we say ‘made it to the end’ but in the end he is out totally cold with a jubilant Sheena celebrating over him! A total destruction.

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