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Sheena v Warrior gi match

This was always going to be an incredible match - two beautiful and strong wrestlers who are skilled in martial arts doing battle on the MWC mats wearing their gi gear!

It takes a brave person to bet against either Sheena or Warrior and it was always going to be difficult to predict a winner.

Thankfully, both of these two amazing talents were clearly up for the fight and wanting to come out on top as soon as they bowed in respect to each other and went at it!

After some early intense grappling, it was Sheena who managed to take Warrior down to the ground with an expert throw and they continued to battle there.

They battled breathlessly, desperately trying to get an advantage but cancelling each other out as they are so evenly matched!

That changed, however, when finally after their incredible tussle, Sheena managed to catch Warrior in an arm bar to force a submission!

While this gave Sheena a lot of confidence, Warrior’s own confidence certainly didn't seem dented as they came fighting straight back, getting Sheena in trouble with a body scissor and head lock combo that evened up the scores!

The pattern for this contest was set and it was relentless. Both of these ladies are impressive athletes with an abundance of ability and they sure do show it!

There are throws and takedowns, scissor holds, pins and arm bars from both as they each look to secure an impressive win over a formidable opponent!

The speed with which they attack and move is incredible and it’s impossible not to enjoy such prime athletes at the peak of their powers.

After a truly wonderful match, one of the girls does manage to earn a hard fought win. We are also then treated to a demonstration of some impressive judo throws as a bonus!

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