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Mixed Wrestling Party Sep 2018

With summer well and truly over and the colder nights slowly kicking in, it was up to Monica’s now legendary bash to send the temperatures soaring up again!

The boss opened up her doors once again for the MWC Mixed Wrestling Party which saw an array of beautiful and phenomenally talented ladies strutting their stuff to the delight of the over-excited and extremely fortunate punters who had turned out!

Such is the popularity of these events that it’s impossible to remember what London was like before they were being put on!

We feel sorry for those of you who missed out on yet another spectacular event but we have managed to capture the thrills and skills and the very essence of the night for you with these clips.

As ever, part one of the clips sees the main man The Referee introduce each of the fabulous female fighters to the lucky audience who are all brimming with excitement.

One by one they came out giving us a fabulous mix of old favourites, exciting new starlets, a mix of UK and European and, of course, a dazzling array of styles with each and every wrestler.

This time round, the referee called out, in order, Siren, Xena, London, Luna Toxxxic, Sheena, Zaza, Nina Hiss, Axel, Jade, Athena, Krusha and Axa to rapturous applause and excitement.

They were later joined by Amethyst Hammerfist while the boss herself and the legendary Ina Black were present of course!

Another tradition The Referee likes to keep going is the pre-party warm up and he sure put the girls through their paces before they were unleashed on the salivating punters for all the fun and games to begin!

All the old favourites came out, including Jonathan’s Challenge which this time saw our intrepid little hero (who was rather niftily dressed too!) battle all the girls for a minute with a catch - the girls had to be blindfolded! The girl with the most submissions was declared the winner!

Another perennial favourite is the scissor circle where four willing gents volunteered to have their heads squeezed off by Siren, Amethyst, Luna and Athena - those girls sure have some power in their legs!

And there is never any shortage of volunteers for the incredibly exciting and hot game of musical chairs which see the girls strutting around the guys before battling to plant their pert bottoms on their faces!

In almost every inch of the venue, there was high quality but extremely fun wrestling battles going on as the men grabbed the chance for mini matches with the ladies. You can see just how extremely talented and skilled they actually are as they showcase their abilities on which bit of mat they can find to battle upon!

There were also some ‘serious’ grudge matches going on such as the battle between mixed wrestling rivals Athena and Deviant Dave in the ring! Definitely one to watch!

It was also thrilling to watch other rivalries being settled on the mats - particularly between those big mouthed chaps who have been giving it large on social media!

But aside from all the thrills and spills of the wrestling, what really shines through is the fun and relaxed vibe of everyone who attended the event. It really is a celebration of everything that is great in the scene.

The Mixed Wrestling Parties are getting bigger, better and more essential each time and if you were unlucky to miss out this time, download these clips to find out what all the fuss is about…and make sure you’re at my next one on the 28th November!

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