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Gerry dominates in London

She might be small in stature but Gerry has a fighter’s lion heart and the skills and speed to complement that courage perfectly.

And, despite giving away some size and weight to her male opponent here, Gerry showed MWC just exactly what she is all about!

Gerry is quick to take her rival down and get to work. At first he is able to resist and does well at escaping her headlocks and arm bars.

But she is a very energetic and busy wrestler and if one move doesn’t work, she is quick to lock on another. His contorted and pained face and gasps while trapped in a guillotine back this up!

Gerry earns her first submission through a vicious arm bar though - you can see the immense effort she puts into it all over her face!

To be fair to him, he isn’t your typical male victim. This guy can take a fair amount of punishment and works hard to free himself from some seriously vicious looking holds.

But Gerry is in full domination mode and she doesn’t let up. Constantly looking for fresh openings if her original moves prove unsuccessful.

And success duly arrives as she continues to twist him up and put him through the ringer!

Most impressive is when she has him in a headlock and armbar combo while hooking one of his legs at the same time!

And her skills continue to be exhibited with more guillotines, pins, body scissors, grapevine pins, reverse head scissors and figure four head locks.

By the end, it’s a well-earned victory and she celebrates with a traditional pose and her foot draped across her victim’s throat!

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