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Maggie dominates Andrew - custom

God loves a trier and Andrew is certainly someone who puts a lot of time and effort into hitting the MWC mats to try to beat some of the talented girls on the roster.

Problem is, he simply isn’t good enough! And that is certainly the case here when he finds himself going one-on-one with Maggie.

They initially engage in a test of strength and Andrew is introduced to her power as she forces him on the defensive before taking him down to the mats.

A grapevine pin later and the poor little man is grunting out in pain as Maggie starts to work him over. She tells him in no uncertain terms to get used to being under her because that is where he will stay.

Andrew desperately wants to fight back and escape her pins but the task becomes more and more difficult as the match wears on.

The pain is etched all over his face as Maggie locks on her figure four lock. “Nobody escapes from my figure four”, she warns him with a fair amount of menace!

As he struggles to free himself, he even resorts to begging her to let him go but Maggie of course isn’t in the mood for showing remorse!

Instead she continues her demolition job which includes more pins, face sitting, head scissors and a cross body pin.

Maggie is methodical and deliberate as she moves from one attacking move to another and she taunts him along the way.

But whatever she does, it simply results in serious pain for Andrew. She finishes proceedings with a long, drawn out pin that leaves Andrew down and out! Maggie celebrates with a well deserved victory pose!

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