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Sheena lift and carry

Sexy Sheena is an incredible fighter who has already proved just how tough she can be in the MWC ring!

But exactly how strong is she? Well, she certainly looks immensely powerful - especially when she unveils her beautiful curves at the start of this clip!

Wearing tights and a ravishing leopard print one piece, her flexing display show off her magnificent muscles in all their glory.

Anyone can look the part, however, and Sheena is clearly the sort of woman who would rather show you exactly what she can do! She summons Dave on to the mats and goes straight to work.

She hoists him up on to her shoulders with virtually no effort at all and starts to strut across the arena, from one side to the other, as if she was merely carrying a feather rather than an adult male!

Sheena doesn’t just walk with ease while carrying him - she spins around, glides across the mats and even seems to be dancing. All while wearing a grin on her gorgeous face!

To mix it up, she starts demonstrating the different lifting techniques she has in her locker. Dave is carried like a baby, given a ‘fireman’s lift’, treated to a piggy back while she climbs up and down a flight of stairs and even lifted up and perched on her shoulders.

All the while, she appears to glide across the room like a ballerina, loving every second of her performance. There is certainly no weight on this woman’s shoulders.

Later, Sheena balances Dave with her feet and leg presses him a number of times. She even bends over and takes his weight flat on her back - with absolutely no strain showing on her face!

Her effortless show of strength and power see her rightfully awarded a belt while worshipped by Dave and another man in the vicinity. Phew, this girl is strong!

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