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Spice Dominates Andrew - Rematch

The ever-willing Andrew is back in the MWC ring and once again looking to get revenge on a wrestler who handed his backside to him in their first encounter!

Sexy Spice well and truly put him in his place when they met here previously and she looks confident and relaxed enough to suggest this outcome won’t be any different.

But Andrew is adamant that he will not be destroyed again and tells his opponent that at the start. And his resistance lasts a good few seconds before Spice catches him between her powerful legs and starts squeezing the life out of him!

Suddenly, his pre-fight bravado is looking increasingly stupid as Spice continues to hurt him. “Scream!” she demands as she has him in a clutch and he duly obliges - his agony reverberating around the studio!

What this ‘contest’ does allow is for the beautiful Spice to showcase all her skills as Andrew proves, once again, to be little more than a rag doll for her to do with as she pleases.

He is forced to endure more pain between her legs through head and body scissors, smothers, grapevine pins, arm bars and ankle locks.

Spice is as relentless as she is remorseless. Never giving him the chance to catch his breath or get back into the match. She keeps demanding he tap out or scream in agony as she destroys him.

When he does try to resist her onslaught, Spice merely increases the pressure until he submits to her as she wanted all along.

Her desire to punish him seems insatiable and she screams for him to tap out one more time to put the cherry on top of her domination cake.

He duly complies and Spice is left to celebrate her incredibly easy win with a victory prose over his exhausted body!

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