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Phoenix dominates Bert - rematch

When these two first met, Bert was absolutely destroyed by the beautiful but dangerous “Iron” Phoenix.

So, it came as a bit of surprise when Bert actually turned up at MWC to face her in a rematch in the ring.

Bert is brave and clearly up for the match but Phoenix is also ready to remind him of her great power, speed and considerable skills.

She soon takes him down to the mat and has him locked in a body scissor and chokehold combination that has his squirming and moaning out in pain.

To his credit, he does his best to resist and Phoenix knows she has to work out to earn the submissions. But the first one soon comes with a nasty arm bar!

Phoenix remains businesslike as she gets up and goes straight back to work, sending Bert back down and taking control of him once more.

He finds himself having to fend off scissors, triangles and grapevine pins as Phoenix keeps up the pressure with her relentless attacks.

And the submissions are soon flowing - as are his cries out in pain - as Bert once again has to deal with being dominated by this amazon warrior.

Bert is always spirited and does his best to avoid submitting but he must have realised that was always going to be a losing battle.

Phoenix schools him once again as she goes through her full repertoire of moves, especially using those powerful legs and arms!

At no point does it look like Bert might spring a surprise or give Phoenix anything to think about from a defensive point of view.

Instead it is she who is celebrating an easy win by the end and gives us the perfect victory pose over her defeated foes prone body!

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