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Orsi dominates Clay

Martial artist Orsi isn’t the sort of girl to mess with but brave (or should that be silly?!) Clay is confident enough to step on the MWC mats to face off with her.

But he is soon made to regret that decision when the brunette beauty gets to work on him. She easily throws him to the floor and starts pinning him and breast smothering him.

Clay is doing all he can to hang on but when Orsi wraps her powerful legs around his torso and squeezes, he has no choice but to submit.

She’s not a time waster either and doesn’t give Clay the chance to get his breath back before she's straight on the attack!

Again, he is forced to desperately try to fend off her offensive moves but can’t and ends up giving in again - this time to a vicious arm bar.

Orsi is clearly relishing the opportunity to put Clay in his place and is full of energy and enthusiasm for the job in hand.

She runs at him and takes him down to the mats before locking on a truly eye-watering body scissor. It doesn’t take Clay long to decide he wants out of that one!

The domination or the submissions don’t just end there though. Orsi “treats” Clay to a display of what she can do including figure fours and headlocks!

But Clay upsets the odds and manages to enjoy some success of his own! He traps Orsi in a guillotine and, much to everyone’s surprise, she has to submit!

However, his taunting pose straight after probably wasn’t the wisest move on his part! Orsi strikes back immediately with a determined headscissor and normal service is resumed.

While Clay doesn’t just roll over and give up totally, nothing can stop the Orsi juggernaut from running over him!

This is a truly enjoyable domination match with a bit of needle and plenty of taunts to spice things up. Things are so spicy that Orsi needs to be sternly told off by Monica that the match has officially ended when she carries on attacking her beaten rival!

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