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Dragonlily dominates The Mask

Wearing his superhero mask, The Mask towers above his much smaller opponent Dragonlily as she face off for this match.

But size isn’t everything and there is, quite frankly, no substitute from skill and strength - as The Mask was soon to find out!

Not that Dragonlily was even remotely intimidated by him of course! After circling each other, they get to it and she takes him down to the mats and goes to work.

She starts hitting him with some of the vast array of moves she has in her locker including body scissors, head locks, guillotines and head scissors.

The Mask does his best to resist but it seems like a futile exercise as Dragonlily is determined and on form, seemingly desperate to make him pay for daring to face her on the mats!

It’s no surprise when the submissions start coming as there is only so much a man can take when he is being brutally beaten by a skilled, sexy senorita!

When The Mask tries to go on the attack himself, Dragonlily is ready and waiting for him - not just to fend off his efforts but also to turn the tables and go back on the attack herself!

And attack she does. With great gusto and enthusiasm as the pain levels increase and The Mask’s ability to withstand decreases.

Dragonlily is resourceful and inventive with her moves and is always one step ahead of her opponent.

Despite his best efforts, Dragonlily keeps amassing the submissions in her favour and he seems to be more and more disheartened as well as suffering from immense pain from all her offensive moves!

Her victory pose and celebration is well earned while the post-match humiliation prolongs the pain for The Mask!

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