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Lidiya destroys Dave

Gorgeous blonde Lidiya looks as if she’s in the mood to totally beat up and dominate a man - and it is poor Dave that finds himself in the firing line on the MWC mats!

God loves a trier and there is no doubt that Dave is always trying his best against some of the best wrestler in the business. He even tells Lidiya he’s “ready” for her at the start of this!

But Lidiya is smiling away as they lock up and she is most certainly ready to give him a beat down he won’t forget in a hurry.

It doesn’t take her long to take him down to the mats and start dominating him, earning her first submission after about a minute with a head lock and smother combination.

After only a couple of minutes, it already looks as if she is toying with him - opting to punish him at her own pace and leisure and whenever she feels like it!

But the submissions keep coming though. A partial grapevine pin has Dave screaming in agony while she also subjects him to schoolgirl pins, scissors and smothers to keep him under her control.

Lidiya barely breaks into a sweat and has barely a hair out of place as she simply smiles and enjoys herself.

In complete contrast, Dave is looking battered, bruised and out of breath long before we even reach the halfway point of the match!

She asks if he is ok, but make no mistake - Lidiya is a ruthless fighter and she continues to put him in his place with devastating head scissors, pins, guillotines and grapevine pins - not forgetting the taunts and mockery!

While we give Dave credit for surviving to the end of the match, there isn’t much of him left! Lidiya certainly enjoys her well-deserved victory pose at the end!

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