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Siren dominates & destroys Dave - rematch

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Little warrior Dave certainly seems to enjoy living by that motto as here he is again in the MWC ring for a rematch with someone who has previously kicked his butt!

This time he is taking on the sultry Siren, who is understandably amused by his confidence and boasts that “this time will be different”.

They are evenly matched in terms of size but that’s pretty much where the similarities end, especially when the gorgeous IMAX girl gets to work and starts squeezing him between her thighs.

He actually manages to resist her body scissor but Siren is unperturbed and instead forces his to desperately submit and cry out in pain with one of her grapevine pins!

Dave spends a lot of time screaming out in agony while Siren seems to spend the entire match smiling at the pain she inflicts on him!

“You always under-estimate me and always come out shocked!” She taunts him throughout too, making him regret his misplaced confidence from before the match!

She is well known for her powerful legs but there is so much more to Siren than that - a vicious head lock which leaves Dave spluttering is testament to that.

But if there is one thing you cannot doubt about him is his heart and Dave stuns Siren (and us!) by getting her in a body scissor of his own which leaves her no choice but to submit!

However, any thoughts of an amazing comeback are soon snuffed out by the beautiful blonde as she hits him with head scissors, breast smothers, more grapevines, head locks and facesits.

Such is the manor of his defeat that even Siren announces she feels sorry for him. Although that doesn’t stop her making him admit her superiority and enjoying a victory pose!

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