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Malicia v Clay

Gorgeous Malicia is in good spirits as she faces off against a very willing Clay in this mixed fighting bout at MWC.

The Finnish beauty clearly relishes the challenge in front of her and sets about putting Clay in his place right from the word go.

A takedown and pin and then some short sharp jabs to the chest set the scene! Clay finds himself trapped and then Malicia punches him!

To his credit, Clay takes them well and refuses to give in. But Malicia doesn’t seem bothered and carries on regardless.

She uses a range of different ways to keep him pinned and trapped where she wants him before hitting him with some sharp sounding punches!

The power and impact of these seems to crank up as the matches wheres on and there is no doubt that Clay is in some serious pain.

While all this is happening, Malicia also displays her outstanding wrestling ability. She gets him in scissor holds, figure fours, pins and even stands on both of his arms to stop him moving! These are all swiftly following by blows to his chest and stomach!

There is an amazing and funny moment when Malicia traps Clay’s head between her powerful thighs and crawls across the mats, dragging him along with her!

His cries of pain and wincing demonstrate that the blows are getting harder and harder and the pain is cranking up.

Clay is nothing more than a rag doll punching bag for magnificent Malicia who is relentless and remorseless.

Such is the venom she is striking him with she even hurts her own hands! “You have a real boney chest, you know?!”

Not that this minor annoyance stops her. She punches her way to an easy win - one Clay has no problem declaring after Malicia drags him up to his feet!

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