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Sheena brutally dominates Nick

Nick isn't the weakest man ever to step on to the MWC mats and is certainly capable of holding his own in combat.

But then Nick had never faced someone of the frightening pace, power and fighting skills of the glorious blonde Sheena!

He looked slightly nervous as they faced off and any fears he might have had were realised as soon as Sheena caught him in a standing guillotine!

She easily wrestled him down and pinned him within seconds and this certainly set the tone for the rest of the contest.

This was only a bit of a warm up though as the exquisite warrior took things up a few notches with an eye-watering arm bar followed by a wrist lock which had a moaning Nick tap out in agony.

There was no respite for him though as Sheena moved straight back on to the attack as she continued to take him apart.

Within a couple of minutes, Nick was wearing the look of someone who had been savagely beaten down for at least two hours - such was her remorseless and brutal demonstration of her abilities.

Sheena’s sumptuous thighs clamped around his head and gripped tight like a vice to earn another submission.

And the tap outs started to flow like water as Sheena unleashed her full repertoire on her hapless opponent.

The air was filled with his submissions (verbal tap outs or actual slap outs on the mat!), moans and groans as well as complaints about his increasingly battered body!

She got him in figure four headlocks, guillotines, body and head scissors, brutal camel clutches and cross body pins.

All the time, Sheena flashed that beautiful smile across her face - clearly satisfied with a job well done!

Mercifully for Nick, the end did arrive. Albeit when Sheena sent him to sleep! An awesome destruction job by a fighter at the top of her game!

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