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Ina Black squashed New Girl Storm

Blonde bombshell Storm is one of the very welcome new additions to the MWC roster and keen to make a name for herself.

But the gorgeous girl bit off more than she could chew when she bravely went up against the legendary Ina Black on our mats!

In fact, you can sense a bit of apprehension when she stood face to face up against the bigger Eastern European, who was clearly looking forward to devouring this ‘fresh meat’!

A hip toss to the floor and an easy pin within seconds of the start of the match demonstrated the sheer challenge Storm, wearing a rather fetching rainbow-coloured one piece, was facing for the rest of the match.

The giggling and broad smile on Ina’s face told you that she had a lot of painful fun planned for Storm and she immediately went to work, getting her victim in an array of holds.

These including devastating body scissors, nasty looking arm bars, punishing head scissors and vicious head locks.

To compound Storm’s misery, Ina constantly trash-talked and taunted her while she did all of this, making it more of an ordeal for her.

Ina was even dismissive whenever Storm tried to mount her own attacks - such was her confidence and control as the match wore on.

Frustration was building up in Storm as she tried but couldn’t make any in roads and her mood wasn’t helped by Ina’s mockery of her efforts either!

The submissions kept coming as Ina continued to prove to be way to strong and experienced for the keen but ultimately outclassed beauty.

The painful submission holds were relentless, apart from a few occasions when Ina expertly pinned her much smaller rival.

By the end, Storm had been taught a very harsh lesson and was well and truly squashed while Ina proudly enjoyed her victory pose!

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