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Sofie dominates Andrew - custom

Andrew is one of the more confident guys to frequent the MWC mats although we’re not sure why, given the amount of times he’s got his butt kicked by our girls!

But here is again, ready and waiting to show what he can do - this time against the beautiful and strong Sofie.

And if he had any designs on earning a win, it must have felt like they had been torn up in front of him as Sofie put him straight on his back and pinned him!

To prove it wasn’t a fluke she adjusts herself to go cross body and pins him for the 10 count once again!

The pain and anguish is etched all over his face and his desperate screams and shouts tell us exactly how much agony he is in as Sofie relentlessly and ruthlessly demonstrates her power over him.

Sofie lets Andrew back up just so she can demonstrate her strength advantage all over again. Andrew spiritedly tries to get her in a headlock but she dismisses him and gets back down on the mats and pins him again!

You can see the frustration all over his face as she counts! But she isn’t just about pins. Sofie catches him in her scissors and head locks too, crushing him at will!

She seems to enjoy it more when Andrew gets angry! At one point, he angrily tells her she is rubbish and the worst wrestler he has ever faced!

But she laughs off the insult and simply demonstrates how wrong he is by schoolgirl pinning him and demanding an apology!

There are more pins, more scissors and a host of smothers as Andrew is made to eat his words and regret even facing his more talented and stronger opponent!

By the end, she squeezes an apology out of him and enjoys a well deserved victory pose over Andrew’s well beaten body!

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