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Sheena’s party challenge

It might have been her first appearance at a Monica’s Wrestling Centre party, but there is no doubt that Sheena made a huge impact!

Beautiful, skilful and a whole lot of fun (check out her first appearance on this clip!) but one hell of a badass, super strong fighter.

But just how good is this latest phenomena to hit the MWC mats? Just how many submissions would she win out of her hapless male victim in a specific period of time?!

Well, we decided to put her to the test and challenged her to collect as many tap outs as she could in 10 minutes. Unsurprisingly, Sheena accepted the challenge with glee and got to work within seconds of her brave but rather nervous looking opponent stepped up to face her on our mats.

We had barely started filming when she earned her first submission and was the signal for the tap outs to flow like water as she went through her full repertoire of skills!

There were arm bars, head scissors, choke holds, kimura locks, cross body pins, body scissors…and that was just within the first minute!

Sheena has the sweetest and warmest of smiles but she is a ruthless wrestling machine and there was no way she was going to relax or let up in her pursuit for more submissions.

Her talent and strength is obvious and there for all to see but what still takes the breath away is her stamina and thirst for more. She looked as fresh at the end of this as she did at the start.

The legendary Ina Black was keeping count but she was struggling to keep up. Sheena kept finding more and more inventive ways to bring home the points!

She was clearly having fun while her victim - well he deserves immense credit for at least lasting until the end of the challenge!

How much did superstar Sheena get in the end? It’s worth buying this clip to find out!

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