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Monica’s Mixed Wrestling Party - July 2018

The World Cup and Wimbledon parties might have been in full swing but there was only one bash to be seen at when Monica opened her doors for some sexy sporting action and a whole lot of fun!

The MWC Mixed Wrestling Party hit the spot once again delivering spectacular action, whilst ensuring everyone who attended had a truly memorable time.

This event has become a must in session wrestling fans’ diaries and with the calibre of girls in attendance, that’s no surprise.

In part one of our fabulous clips that have captured the essence of all the action that was taking place, The Referee introduced each of the fine female fighters to the excited audience.

Of course, there is always a healthy British contingent at these events and this time we were treated to the delights of Laken, Max girls Siren and Avenger, Axa Jay, Havanna and party newbies Star, Nina Hiss and Luna Toxxxic.

The Europeans were proudly represented by the trio of Tyger, Combat Swallow and another newbie at this event - the impeccable Sheena who is currently dazzling the scene!

As is traditional now, The Referee led put them through an entertaining and rather hilarious warm-up routine. But this time, he did something completely different and football-related involving some of the lucky guys in attendance!

With everyone now ready and raring to go, it was time to let the fun games - which are an essential part of these parties - begin in earnest!

You can see the sheer excitement and anticipation on the faces of the guys who are faced with a bevy of beauties ready to unleash all sorts of grappling greatness on them.

There was no shortage of willing volunteers for the game of musical face sit chairs which, as you can imagine, involved some of the sexy ladies dancing around the seats until the music stopped - prompting them to battle to plant their asses on some grateful faces!

MWC party regular Jonathan was back once again with one of his daunting challenges for all the girls - they had to pair up and get as many submissions out of him in a minute! The prizes on offer ensured the motivation was there!

And a Monica’s Wrestling Centre Party just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have the essential favourite - the scissor circle!

Of course, the games are great fun and show off the glorious personalities of all the beauties who have turned out. But they are wrestlers first and foremost and many of the guys took advantage to experience the skills on offer with a series of mini sessions taking place in various bits of space that could be found in the arena!

It was a truly memorable celebration of wrestling and anyone who missed out should be kicking themselves. But, luckily, we have captured the very essence of the party through these clips which demonstrate the sheer talent and beauty these girls possess.

So download them now to either relive your unforgettable night or see what you missed - and make sure you get to the next one in September!

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