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July 2018 Live Event Clips Released

Phew - what a scorcher! There was a heatwave going on outside but things got much hotter in the ring as the MWC summer live event rocked London.

A fabulous array of talent from the UK, Europe and the United States descended on Walthamstow to delight the eager and excited crowd!

This time around, the Brit Pack were represented by a six strong team of gorgeous wrestlers, each with their own unique style. Jade remains as popular as ever and her appearance brought the usual howls of worship.

Another UK delight appearing on the bill was the strong and sexy Justice and she was joined by the diminutive but determined beauty London.

We were extra excited to welcome McKenzie who appeared after answering a late SOS call to fill in at the last minute.

The IMAX girls continue to make a splash in the scene and so we were ecstatic to see blonde bombshell Siren Max appear alongside MWC show debutant Avenger who looks fabulous from head to toe!

Europe was represented by two Hungarian hotties this time around, the first of which was the fabulous Orsi - making a welcome return back into the fold. And her compatriot was none other than the truly incredible Sheena - who looks as fabulous as she fights and is already making a huge buzz in the scene.

And finally, a couple of close friends fly across the Atlantic to complete our line-up. Marvellous Mia Annabel was keen to show off her speed and skills, while her American buddy Megan Jones was here to show everyone who is boss.

The crowd reacted fabulously to the outstanding efforts of these warriors, who ignored the stuffy weather and gave their all at a furiously fast pace. The sweat was flying, the breathing was heavy but it was the action and wrestler’s abilities that were the hottest thing about the day!

With some classic MWC matches, this show has set an incredible standard for the next one to try to match!

If you weren’t able to make it or foolishly chose to watch the World Cup instead, at least you can rectify this mistake through these excellent clips! Do enjoy!

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