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Sheena brutally beatdown on Dave

As soon as the Hungarian hottie Sheena entered the MWC arena, there was a strong feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air - and we weren’t disappointed!

The buff blonde stepped between the ring ropes to face off against the lamb to the slaughter Dave and wasted little time in getting to work and showing off her skills.

She wore boxing gloves while Dave, who looked increasingly fearful by the second, went bare fist but he could have been wearing knuckle dusters and it wouldn’t have helped him.

Sheena immediately dazzled him with her incredible speed, strength and skills, often leaving him bamboozled trying to second guess her next move.

Dave was rocked with a variety of kicks to the legs, body and even the head and he could do absolutely nothing to stop the onslaught.

Sheena is phenomenal

She is about so much more than kicks too. She trapped him in her tight grip and started unleashing vicious punches to his exposed rib cage - each blow drawing loud groans of pain as they landed.

Great MMA style skills but can this girl wrestle? You bet your life she can! Dave was thrown around like a rag doll before he suffered when pinned, trapped in arm bars or having his small head squeezed to the point of bursting between her thighs!

Poor Dave, Sheena is a machine

All the while the blows with her fists and feet rained down on him. Poor Dave could do nothing but try to protect himself as this beautiful fighter took him apart.

At the pace she was going, you’d have been forgiven for thinking Sheena would tire after a few minutes but instead she seemed to get stronger and more energetic as the ‘match’ wore on!

The combination of wrestling, boxing, MMA and good old fashioned beat down lasted right until the last second!

Battered Dave was long beaten before Sheena’s victory pose! What an incredible fighting machine she is!

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