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Mahea vs Ina Black

We are delighted to welcome the talented and gorgeous American wrestler Mahea to the MWC mats.

But she is met with an extremely tough challenge as she faces off against the incredible and much larger Ina Black.

Not that Mahea is fazed, of course, as she immediately gets straight to work and looks to fashion herself an opening to try and get the advantage over her big rival.

Ina, however, has the skills to match her immense power and she is well prepared for the speed and tenacity that comes from Mahea.

After a brief battle on the mats, Ina takes control and eventually forces the first submission of the contest with a rather excruciating looking ankle lock that forces a pained Mahea to submit.

But Mahea is not the sort of wrestler who gets despondent after a set back and she keeps on coming back at Ina.

When Ina does lock on her guillotines, head scissors and pin attempts, Mahea is quick and agile enough to get out of them and go on the attack herself.

And her impressive ability and determination reap rewards when she actually pins Ina and executes a unique arm lock to make her bigger foe submit! If she didn’t know it before, Ina certainly realises she is in a match after that!

Mahea forces the submission from Ina

This is a truly fascinating encounter between two contrasting styles and its hugely entertaining to watch them clash.

Of course, there are more submissions during the rest of the match through arm bars and body scissors. There are also plenty of near submissions for both as they battle.

This was truly a battle

But does Mahea overcome the odds with her skill and speed or does Ina show her power and class once again? Download to find out!

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