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Lisa King dominates Bert - GI feet match

Luscious Liverpool lovely Lisa King makes a welcome return to the MWC mats where she finds herself pitted against the ever-willing Bert.

Both are kitted out in there Gi gear with Lisa looking particularly ravishing in her pink outfit. And she is quickly on the attack, taking down her rival and catching him between her strong legs.

Bert tries to battle against her but Lisa is cooking and soon using his face as a footstool while locking on an excruciating arm bar. His tap is as swift as it is inevitable!

Lisa King chokes Bert with her feet

Unperturbed, Bert comes out fighting straight away but Lisa is more than ready for him and skilfully throwing him back down to the mats to continue working him over.

And she certainly knows how to use her feet! Catching him in a choke to take further control of him before employing her considerable wrestling skills to cause him more anguish.

The taps and anguished looks on Bert’s face start becoming alarmingly regular from his point of view as Lisa works her way through her arsenal of weapons.

She catches him in head scissors, figure four locks, arm bars, head locks, leg locks, pins, face sits and of course chokes using her glorious feet.

Bert is trapped between Lisa's strong thighs

Bert’s cries of pain get louder and louder and the submissions become quicker and quicker as he struggles to find an answer to the beautiful blonde’s onslaught.

Time and time again she finds a way through his increasingly weakened defences using her speed and agility and wrestling know-how to demolish him.

She puts the cherry on her domination cake when she once again downs him and chokes him using her feet - this time sending him to never never land!

Bert is left out cold on the mats while lovely Lisa celebrates a stunning and incredibly dominant performance!

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