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Ina Black vs Combat Swallow Squash Match

Despite being a relative newcomer to the scene, Combat Swallow has been flying high since she joined MWC and has won many admirers with her tenacity and bravery.

But it looks like she has bitten off way more than she can chew when she decides to take on the formidable and legendary Ina Black on our mats!

Combat Swallow is in trouble against Ina early on

Ina isn’t impressed either as she looks at her much smaller opponent with derision and declaring that this “must be a big joke”!

Amazingly, Swallow doesn’t seem fazed and even seems to find Ina’s mocking of her challenge as funny.

But that doesn’t last long as Ina starts to woman-handle her with very little effort. Combat Swallow does her best to attack but she has zero impact and Ina almost seems insulted that this “mosquito” is buzzing around her and annoying her!

Ina isn’t just about her size and strength either. She has a full arsenal of wrestling moves that have destroyed many wrestlers who are far more experienced than Swallow.

Ina traps Swallow between her legs and strong arms constantly through scissors and locks, which result in Swallow being reduced to begging for mercy.

Ina relaxes while destroying Combat Swallow

In contrast, Ina doesn’t even break sweat and soon starts to trash talk her little challenger and embarrass her with some butt spanking!

The submissions and pins keep on flowing and around half way through it looks as if even Ina is taking pity on her by letting her go…before continuing the punishment!

By the end, Ina has well and truly wiped the mats with Combat Swallow and the victory pose is as emphatic and throughly enjoyed by her as the ‘match’ itself was!

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