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Kassidy dominates Wimpy Nick - rematch

It’s not the first time we have been rendered speechless by the decisions some of the weak men on our roster make.

But that still doesn’t stop us from being shocked! On this occasion, Nick makes the rather foolish decision to square up to the beautiful Kassidy.

This time they meet in the squared circle but, unsurprisingly, this doesn’t bring about any change in luck for our hapless ‘hero’!

Is Nick's face there somewhere, Kassidy?

“You’re going down” is Kassidy’s ominous warning and when Nick tries to attack, she delivers a hard knee between the legs and he collapses like a sack of potatoes!

A frog splash and a facesit later and Nick is tapping furiously within a minute! “All your trash talking! What you got to say about Kassidy now, huh?” If Nick hadn’t already worked out, she was in the mood for his !

Kassidy is brutal and relentless as she continues her devastating assault on Nick. There are most low blows and face smothers with her rather impressive bum!

But Kassidy is one incredibly gifted and exciting wrestler and there are plenty of well executed holds being demonstrated by the awe-inspiring amazon in this ‘match’!

A reverse head scissor made our eyes water while a head lock and breast smother combination did likewise!

Kassidy destroys Nick pouring on the pressure

One of her most impressive holds is when she has him in a standing neck scissor using her feet - leaving him coughing and spluttering his submission.

Nick's screams and shouts of pain fill the arena and are so loud that they might even have been heard in outer space!

Kassidy, on the other hand, wears a beaming smile throughout as she taunts him and completely breaks him.

Another crushing reverse headscissor between those rock hard thighs leaves Nick completely finished while Kassidy celebrates in style

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