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Hex dominates - rematch

You’d have thought Andrew would have learned his lesson the first time but, nope! Here he was again - back at MWC trying to get the better of the superior Hex!

Hex is surprised to see him too. “What are you doing back here?” Amazingly, Andrew is sure he can do better this time and even dares to tell his blonde adversary that she got “lucky” last time!

But that is like a red rag to a bull for Hex and she gets straight into action and takes down her cocky opponent with ease before starting the hurting process for Andrew all over again.

Head scissors, face sits and even a nose pinch has Andrew crying out in pain and Hex smiling and laughing her evil laugh for the cameras!

Hex clearly enjoying herself at Andrew's expense

Her mocking of his ability and calling him a “pathetic loser” probably hurt almost as much as her moves as Andrew tries to rally round and launch his own attacks.

But they too are laughed off and Hex continues to use him as little more than her play thing, someone to inflict pain on as and when she feels like it.

Amongst the arm bars and body scissors are more unorthodox moves such as when hex gets him down on the mats and then stands on his chest!

Her dominance over him grows and grows and she is fully enjoying herself now, making Andrew - or “stick man” as she calls him suffer badly.

Hex really didn't find Andrew a challenge

She continues to utilise her full arsenal of weaponry including head scissors, face sits, arm bars and headlocks. The early bravado coming from Andrew now a distant memory.

By the end he is a well beaten man - probably even more so than when he faced her the first time. Hex celebrates her win while leaving him out cold on our mats!

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